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Irish Love Sayings

Given our attachment to this ancient language of Ireland, there's no wonder that so many people want to know how to say "I love you" in Irish! Saying it in this beautiful language will mean so much more to the person you love. Much Irish language poetry perfects the expressions of love from one person to another. These Irish Gaelic love phrases should help you express that to your special somebody. If you look wider at the country's culture, you will also find Irish love expressed in songs and balads, in which you'll often here of unrequited love.

I love you

Munster Gráim thúgraw-im hoo
Ulster Gráim thúgraa-im hoo
Connacht Is tú mo ghráIss two muh guhraw

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Is tú mo ghrá is a more proper way to say I love you. "Gráim thú" is not a traditional way of expressing it.

my pulse

Munster mo chuislemuh khish-la
Connacht mo chuislemuh khish-la

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"Mo chuisle" literally means "My pulse", but can mean "My love" or "My darling".

It's an Irish term of endearment taken from the original phrase "A chuisle mo chroí", or "Pulse of my heart". You could also say "Mo chuisle mo chroí", which would be "My pulse of my heart".

When speaking directly to the person, use "A chuisle". When speaking about them say "Mo chuisle".

The movie Million Dollar Baby incorrectly spells "Mo chuisle" as "Mo cuishle".


Munster grágraw

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Irish word for love.

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I'm in love with you
táim i ngrá leat

my heart
mo chroí

you're beautiful
Tá tú go h-álainn

I miss you
cronaím thú

My pulse, my heart
A chuisle, a chroí

Will you marry me?
An bpósfaidh tú mé?

soul mate

love of my heart
grá mo chroí

with love forever
le grá go deo

eternal love

my eternal love
mo shíorghrá

go síoraí

go deo na ndeor



my heart
mo chroí


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